• July 28, 2017

Steve Wozniak Comes to Kokoda to Inspire Innovative Thinking

Steve Wozniak Comes to Kokoda to Inspire Innovative Thinking

Kokoda Property has pulled out all stops nabbing Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as Keynote Speaker

at Kokoda’s “Inspiration & Strategy” conference held last night.

Celebrating twenty years of business, Kokoda Property Founder and Director Mark Stevens decided that innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership should be the focus of the conference as the company moves into the future; and instead of leaders from within the property sector, chose to engage inspiring individuals from across the globe, to encourage his team to think outside the box.

Front of mind was Wozniak, who helped shape the computer industry and founded tech company Apple with Steve Jobs in 1976.

Wozniak is also actively involved in various businesses and philanthropic adventures, focusing primarily on computer capabilities in schools and promoting more hands-on, creative learning in classrooms.

“If you love what you do and are willing to do what it takes, it’s within your reach,” Wozniak said.

Stevens believes his own journey reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Wozniak; he started Kokoda Property in 1997 while still working his corporate day job.

“I realised then that I could keep doing the same thing – working to make other people successful through restructuring or finding solutions for their companies – or I could create my own venture and become successful in my own right,” Stevens said.

“We underpin this in our company culture by engaging with leaders outside our field, forcing us to think beyond the obvious. In developing the agenda for this conference, we have sought out leaders from engineering, marketing, sport, place-making, and creativity.

During Kokoda Property’s next phase, Stevens aims to push the boundaries even further, “I want Kokoda Property to be more than just a developer; I want to create homes that inspire people, that support their lives, and innovate exciting new ways of living in the modern world.”

“More so, we purposefully sought out those who have experienced adversity and thrived despite it. Property development comes with its own market challenges; but a clear vision and commitment to innovate allows us to move beyond them.”

Other key speakers for the conference include Australian Paralympic swimmer and basketball player, Ellie Cole; former AFL player and Bali bombing survivor Jason McCartney; leading author on public space, David Engwicht; head of strategy at McCann, David Phillips; head of research at Core Logic, Cameron Kusher; organisational culture expert, Bill Sakellaris; and internationally acclaimed, thought-leadership speaker, David Mead.

Kokoda Property currently has active projects across the eastern seaboard, including Chester & Ella in Newstead, Obsidian in Milton, Trentwood in Glen Iris and Casa del Mar in Mordialloc. It has recently acquired sites in St Lucia, Malvern and Hawthorn East.

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