layers of elegance

Just outside the city lies a beauty subtly hidden; a leafy village steeped in heritage, where Melbourne’s iconic lifestyle has made its mark.



Iconic Design

timeless in form

The beauty of Trentwood is fortified in layers of congruent architectural elements. From balconies both recessed and projected that create a sense of rhythm across Trentwood’s exterior, to the warm timber screens that lend the façade a linearity that is at once striking and welcoming, this building represents a beautiful convergence of modern and inviting.

Trentwood 3 Bed

beauty without compromise

fresh and inviting

Trentwood’s lobby proves that utility does not have to come at the expense of beauty. Echoing the exterior aesthetic of the building, soft-lit wooden panels make for an easy transition between outside and in, while floor-to-ceiling glass panels flood the space with light and warmth. Furnished with soft touches of luxury and complete with a full sweep of communal amenities, the lobby transcends a transitional space to become an extension of home and community.

Trentwood, Glen Iris

rhythm and harmony

interior elegance

The rhythmic language of Trentwood’s exterior is referenced throughout the interior elements, achieving a harmonious dialogue between inside and out. Just as positive and negative volumes give shape and distinction to the building’s façade, these undulating depths are used within Trentwood’s apartments to create function, form, and a series of comfortable nooks whose purpose is open to interpretation.

Trentwood, Glen Iris

simple philosophy

luxury meets the eye

Bathrooms within Trentwood abide by the simple philosophy of clear rooms for clean headspaces. While spacious amenities allow your morning routine to unfurl unobstructed, ample hidden storage gives you space to collect everything that makes up a life, without it getting in the way. Clad in a material palette that takes cues from the ambience of high end establishments, Trentwood’s kitchens take home cooking to new heights of luxury. Storage design that prefers recessed finger pulls to protruding handles contributes to the seamless elegance of the kitchen’s aesthetic, while expressed shadow lines throughout joinery elements and 10mm marble detail lend your culinary pursuits a sleek modern edge.

the team

equipped for life

in the heart...

Trentwood is a vision of life as it’s meant to be lived. Only 10 km from Melbourne CBD, reality is easily accessible — but also easy to escape.

street smart

Nestled in a leafy pocket only metres from Toorak Road, on the cusp of Camberwell, this is a rare opportunity to achieve the delicate balance between peace and proximity, seclusion and status.

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Camberwell Road

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Deakin Local Trentwood

deakin college

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Fordham Gardens

Fordham Gardens

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Hartwell Primary School

9 minutes

Leos Supermarket

Leo’s supermarket

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Local Florist


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